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Meet our Hope Summit Speakers for 2020 

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Nicole Hebert & Alison Thomson

Nicole Hebert

It Comes in Waves: 
A focus on Grief, Loss and Self-Compassion

Nicole works as a clinical social worker.  She has been part of the Canadian Mental Health Association and Journey to Hope Team in Moose Jaw for 5 years and is currently working on a Voices of Hope initiative aimed at connecting with individuals in the community and sharing their personal journeys with mental health through various avenues of expression.

Alison Thomson

You Can't Put Me Down:
A Journey to Recovery after an Abusive Marriage

Alison is semi-retired from a rewarding 33 year career as a physiotherapist.  Alison achieved certification through Acupuncture Canada 4 years ago and she is passionate about providing this valuable treatment to her patients.  In this compelling reveal she speaks about her journey to recovery after being in an abusive marriage.

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