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No Voice Left Behind

We asked Brett to share a little about himself…

Brett was born and raised in Moose Jaw, SK and, through the example of his grandparents; he was raised to always get involved in the community and give back where you can. Brett has a family with his wife Amanda and his two boys Cooper and Declan. Brett discussed that he felt it was important his kids learned the value of giving back to their community, but also to gain experience in helping and volunteering and how this can impact their lives in a positive way. Brett mentioned it’s important to always acknowledge the support you receive from the community and this includes what the community has done for him and the business that he owns and operates in Moose Jaw.

We asked what brought about his participation in the row (Make Froats Row fundraiser for Journey to Hope Moose Jaw)?

Brett has been involved with this since it was brought forward by Dawn Froats to come and help out. Brett also knew Della and so their families are quite close. Brett knew Dawn personally and when asked to help out with the row he was happy to do so and very much believed in what Dawn was trying to accomplish in raising funding for mental health initiatives in their community. Brett mentioned that mental health is out there and experienced in the community daily and keeping the conversation going along with local support is needed. Brett expressed that it’s been great getting involved and raising some awareness along with being able to help out with Dawn. The Row the past few years has been a great experience for him and his family.

How has mental health impacted your life?

Brett stated that last year he lost a friend in their journey with their mental health. Brett has always had a high desire to help out and even more so now with the loss of his friend. Brett expressed that people have days where they struggle and it’s okay for their needs to be addressed and talked about… more so brought to the forefront so that we can learn as a community on how to be there for one another and know that WE are not alone.

We asked Brett how we as a community could grow and build a better path for discussions of mental health…

Communication. Brett expressed that it’s important to make the door easier to open by holding space for open conversation. Brett went on to explain that some people cannot have a conversation about their experience with mental health or their own struggles very easily and keeping ourselves open and present helps to open the door to connecting with others rather than shutting down and isolating from everyone else.

We asked Brett what he would want his kids to take away from getting involved in the conversation with mental health and helping out in the community…

Brett stated he hoped it would set an example for his kids to become good leaders and communicators in life. For them to know that there are avenues to talk to people when things come up in their life and that they can open the door to always reach out to family. They are not alone.

We asked Brett What he has taken away from his experience in participating in the Row or in other mental health initiatives?

Brett expressed that there is a wide reaching effects that mental health has on people and throughout our communities. It’s not one group of people that is affected by mental health – there are many lives affected by it every day. Every minute.

In light of the Voices of Hope Series we asked Brett if he could give a message of Hope for others to hear what would that be

Reach out to those around you – build communication to those you have because we can all help each other get through the tough days – everyone has them. Surround yourself with positive influences – people who are able to build you up and not break you down as well as help you prioritize focusing on things that will help you down the road. We can all learn from each other.

Stay tuned for more interviews in the Voices of Hope Series…

Join the Journey of Hope…

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